Puppy Groom

The puppy groom is essential to allow your puppy to build trust and confidence with me and to help them be at ease with the grooming procedure. You will drop your puppy off with me and the groom usually takes around an hour maybe slightly longer for larger fluffier breeds. 

Once I’ve fully rinsed away all the soap, your puppy is wrapped in a warm towel from the tumble drier and cuddle dried a little while I turn on the dryer in the background, this allows your pup to get used to the noise without being frightened, this way I can introduce drying very gently. 

The first nail clip is also done while I have the drier on, I sit on a chair with the puppy on my knee, I find most puppies enjoy lying on their back with a belly rub in the warm air and they’re so relaxed that me trimming their nails doesn’t worry them one bit!

At every stage I’m assessing your puppy’s reaction to all the new things, this is how I gauge how much I do in the first appointment, I usually find that most puppies react well, especially the younger ones, and I can proceed to the trimming. (Depending on the breed of course). 

The only trimming necessary for puppies is around the feet, the pads, the eye area and the bottom, this keeps them nice and neat and gives them a small introduction to standing on a grooming table. The puppy’s coat is very soft (like baby hair) and wont change to adult coat until between 6 & 9 months in most breeds. 

Around 6 months is when the first full groom would take place, maybe slightly sooner if owners are struggling to maintain the coat or if its super long and fluffy.

 Ideally the first puppy groom is just after the pups final set of vaccinations and the vet has given the all clear to be out socialising.